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Alan Lipa the author.

Alan grew up in South Africa, where from a very young age was introduced by his nature and animal loving parents to the unique beauty of the African wild. This fashioned his love, compassion and affinity with wild life and nature.

His artistic and literary gift has created the book ‘Majestic Wild, A Portrait Of’ expertly written in three segments depicting indigenous African animals living in the wild.
In the initial segment Alan writes about each animal in the first person, giving a well defined feel of the animal character revealing the narrative about its own personality and unique individuality.

The second part of the book boasts incredible photographs exemplifying Alan’s wildlife photographic prowess and skill.

Lastly, the third component of the book expertly equates how animal life runs parallel with human living. His stories have been written with such sensitivity that each animal account is almost fairy-tale like, with moving parables and intense sagas that touch our hearts and teach us life lessons. Optimistically we can use for future reference.
Alan Lipa is an excellent raconteur, combining breathtaking wildlife photography with fascinating story telling, building a formidable reputation and following through his photography with unique and inimitable story narratives of the animals he exemplifies

Embracing his perception of the wild and bush, has spent many years travelling through Africa photographing animals and birds in their natural and inimitable habitat.

This website depicts his unique wildlife photography highlighting his creativity in photographing landscapes and nature.

Alan Lipa an imaginative, creative and inspired photographer as well as an eloquent and expressive author is a recognized resource for artistic images of wildlife, nature, landscapes and abstract visuals.

He is a proponent of wild life conservation and advocates that the protection of the world’s fauna and flora is a priority in saving our planet.


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